Dog love at CERVO with LOONAWELL

Dog love at CERVO with LOONAWELL

The CERVO style of casual luxury, health and well-being has been extended to our furry friends with the new partnership with the oragnic dog treats brand LOONAWELL.

At CERVO we know that dogs are a part of the family. When you decide to visit us with your furry best friend, we would like your dog to feel welcome in the same casual luxury, modern design and natural atmosphere that characterize the alpine style of CERVO. Our new partnership with LOONAWELL contributes exactly to that.

LOONAWELL is a Swiss company on a mission to revolutionize dog food forever and do what is right for our pets. Founded in 2020, LOONAWELL is a pet food brand with a unique philosophy within its own category: “Every ingredient used in our recipes needs to contribute positively for our dogs’ nutrition, or otherwise we don’t use it” shares Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares, the founder of LOONAWELL and a proud mom of a Westie called Luna.

With a background in biomedical sciences, during her career in large leading corporations in the field of health and nutrition, Maria realized that pet food is far worse quality than food designed for humans. In other words, a pet owner that loves wholesome, natural, organic and healthy food will have a hard time finding the same criteria in their pet food. This frustration is what led Maria to leave her corporate life and found LOONAWELL.

In December 2020, LOONAWELL launched its first four products: Organic dog treats, with human-grade quality ingredients and filled with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your dog needs for healthy nutrition. But this pioneering company has gotten even further and developed its recipes in collaboration with chefs, so that the final result is an exquisite gourmet experience for dogs… and the truth is, their owners end up trying them too! The natural aroma, texture, and crunchiness are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

It is no wonder that in 2021 LOONAWELL has become the first and only pet food company to be awarded the Swiss Vitamin Institute label.

LOONAWELL bakes their treats freshly every week, in Zurich, and ships direct to their customers around the world…and now to CERVO, too.

Every aspect of the brand aligns with the values of CERVO. Beyond their nutritious offer, LOONAWELL has abolished the usual plastic bags we see wrapping dog treats. Instead, they opted for a premium cardboard recyclable box and individually sealed sachets, that offer great convenience and are easy to carry when going for a walk or hike. We simply love it!

We believe that responsible and nutritious foods are the future, both for us and our dogs, and we’re proud to be ahead of the curve by providing our guests with these delicious, unique, and charming LOONAWELL dog treats.

Picture the scene; after a long and stunning hike around the alps, you return to refuel. You’ll be met with wholesome, delicious food and drinks while enjoying the stunning views of our surroundings. As you curl up with a hot drink by the fire to rest, your furry friend can curl up nearby with dreamy, healthy treats. True satisfaction for all.



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