CERVO & The Balvenie Telescope – The perfect match!

CERVO & The Balvenie Telescope – The perfect match!

This winter we have something special on our CERVO Puro Terrace: a high quality Telescope handmade by Thrustan-Turner, in cooperation with The Balvenie Whisky. The reason why we have this is that we think that CERVO and the Balvenie have a lot in common. Both of us have to work very hard to maintain our high quality standards. It’s all about attention to details. Everything needs to be right, because that’s what our customers/guests deserve. When you have repeated customers , you have to do things greatly. You want to provide them with the best experience again, again and again. If you miss out on the details, you can’t provide this high quality service. And the most important part is people. People have to work together as a team. If that does not work out well, you are lost.

But what is Balvenie exactly and what makes them so unique as a Whisky Brand? To find that out we had a long chat with David Mair, Distillery Ambassador at The Balvenie. He told us: We’ve never gone away from maintaining the standards in terms of keeping the craft. A lot of people would say we’re doing things in an old fashioned way. You know we still have an operating farm producing the barley for the distillery, as well as a malting floor. We want to hold on to that craft and to the people who master it. We have our own team of coopers taking care of the equipment. We have a coppersmith to maintain the steels. And we have a malt master, David C. Stewart MBE (Member of the british empire). He’s the longest serving malt master in the whisky history. He has the final say – he is the master. Some distilleries will have some of those crafts but not all like at The Balvenie. We do the farming, the malting, the coopering, the coppersmithing and we work with a maltmaster – at The Balvenie we call it The Five Rare Crafts. This is what makes us unique. We don’t have to have them but we want to have them.

Furthermore, David Mair says:
It’s because of this uniqueness that The Balvenie cooperated with Thurstan-Turner. It’s all about craftsmanship. We make this liquid (the Balvenie Whisky) through people. Hands, human touch. It’s not an automated distillery that can be so. Thurstan-Turner craft their telescope by hand. And so it’s about recognising craft. If you want to be friends with other persons who have craftsmanship as their core then you have to go and look at how people make things.So for example the telescope was is a handmade telescope that took 9-10 months to be made. So we found out about this guy. He wanted to be with us and we wanted to be with him and so he produced this telescope and was inspired by what we did and the material that we used. So for example copper, brass. If you look at the telescope you can see how he incorporated those metals that we have at the distillery. The tripod is made of spare parts of the cask that we have at the distillery so the craftsmen, the 2 of them, were working together. It’s all about using hands and human touch and that’s just exactly what we have to have at the distillery. Because we can only make that liquid taste the way it does by using people and the skills that they have.

People, human touch, craftsmanship. Strong words, but each of those can be applied to what we do at CERVO. The Telescope will be on our terrace until the 3rd of April. You can see people on the slopes and even the little cross on the top of the Matterhorn. It’s best enjoyed with a nice glass of The Balvenie Whisky.



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